GPS Fleet Management Benefits

Installing a GPS tracking device provides the following benefits for fleet management:

Reduce Costs

A GPS tracking device will help you reduce fuel and maintenance costs by:

  • Reducing excessive idling where the engine is running and the vehicle is not moving
  • Eliminating speeding. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, maintaining efficient vehicle speed provides a fuel economy benefit of 7-23%.
  • Eliminating private use that cost you in fuel, wear and tear

Increase Productivity

According to a report published by Aberdeen Group, small fleets saw an increase of 25% in the number of work orders completed per technician per day after two years that GPS fleet management was implementated

Eliminate Private Use

Knowing that a GPS tracking device is installed in the vehicles, your drivers will be reluctant to use them outside work hours for private use. Some employees may be vocal about you installing GPS tracking devices, but as the business owner/manager you have the right.

Improve Customer Experience

Send the closest vehicle to a service call and arrive there quicker. Your customers will appreciate the quick response. You’ll find that GPS fleet tracking will help keep your customers happy, this way they’ll keep coming back.

Increase Security

Your vehicles and the equipment inside them are expensive assets. Knowing where your vehicles are at all times will help you retrieve them quickly in case of theft.

No Contract, No Activation Fee

No contract means that you can cancel your subscription plan at anytime. However; we believe that we offer great products and services. We also believe that you will like them and want to stay with us, so there is no need for a contract.

Some service providers charge an activation fee. Telematics GPS has no activation fee.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

At Telematics GPS, we stand by our products. We guarantee that our products and services will help you better manage your fleet of vehicles the moment you put them to work. If you are not satisfied with our products and services for any reason, please contact us within (30) thirty days from the purchase date, and we'll give you a full refund.