GPS Tracking Return On Investment (ROI)

Enter information specific to your company and find out how long it would take for a return on investment, and how much you could be adding to the bottom line by implementing GPS tracking.

Company Information
Number of Vehicles in Fleet
Number of Employees
Price Per Gallon for Gas
Average Miles Per Gallon
Average Revenue Per Job/Stop
Average Hourly Wage Paid
Wear and Tear Cost to The Vehicle Per Mile
Cost Savings
Hours Saved in Payroll Weekly
Reduced Mileage Driven Weekly
Weekly Monthly Yearly
Overpaid Wages
Lost Revenue
Fuel Costs Saved
Wear & Tear Costs Saved
Total Addition to Bottom Line
Cost to Implement
1 Tracking Unit @ $165 (One time cost)
Installation Per Unit @ $90 (One time cost)
Total Cost to Implement
Recurring Monthly Cost Per Unit @ $29.95
First Year Net
Every Year Thereafter Net
Return on Investment Days

Who knew installing a simple GPS tracker could be so beneficial!!

Note: Other benefits to installing a GPS tracker device:

  • Vehicle insurance discount
  • Quick resoluton of billing disputes
  • Rapid response to customer service issues
  • Keeping track of scheduled vehicle maintenance

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